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Moods and Miniatures

New album collaboration ‘Moods and Miniatures’

buy it here Moods and Miniatures Music by Clifford Crawley — Moods and Miniatures presents solo piano and chamber music composed between 1978 and 2010 by Canadian composer Clifford Crawley (1929-2016). The works on this recording demonstrate Crawley’s genius in writing miniatures that make impactful statements in short movements. These delightful, exquisitely crafted character pieces are densely packed […]

The Clarinet reviews ‘Homage And Inspiration’

Michelle Kiec writes in The Clarinet Journal of the International Clarinet Association: “Simply, this disk by Iris Trio is immaculate in its musical and technical presentation, bringing forth depths of sound palettes for the listener’s delight.”

Christine Carter in 'The Strad'

The Strad: Learning at the speed of childhood

A willingness to engage in challenges outside of our ability level and to embrace making mistakes can help adults to learn as efficiently as young children. Read more on ‘The Strad’

Christine Carter - Fanfare Mag

Fanfare Magazine reviews ‘Homage And Inspiration’

Fanfare Magazine’s recently featured two fantastic reviews (by Colin Clarke and Huntley Dent) of the Iris Trio’s album “HOMAGE AND INSPIRATION”, calling it “…a stunning recording, having just the right amount of warmth and yet allowing for utter clarity.”

Christine Carter - Where There is a Way There is a Will

Where There is a Way There is a Will: Overcoming the Procrastination Trap (Part 1)

When we go to bed at night, we seem to be the best versions of ourselves. As we think forward to tomorrow, our great intentions are clear. We will wake up early, exercise, practice for many hours, finish that large project on our to-do list, clean the house, and catch up on all of our email. It seems easy to imagine that we will accomplish more work in one day than we have ever accomplished before.

Motivation in Isolation

Motivation in Isolation

It is no secret that musicians are struggling with motivation right now. I have been hearing this week after week from musicians around the world as we experience the global pandemic and a long overdue reckoning with systemic racism in our communities and institutions. The gulf between the world we know and the world we want is immense.

Christine Carter 'The Curious Musician'

Launch of “The Curious Musician” Blog

After over a decade of research and teaching in the area of performance psychology, I have decided to launch my own blog: The Curious Musician. This will be a place for me to share thoughts and research on a variety of topics related to how we can improve our experience on stage and in the practice room.