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Why the Progress You Make in the Practice Room Seems to Disappear Overnight – PART 2

by Christine Carter, DMA

Of all of the frustrating Greek myths out there, I think the story of Sisyphus is the one that I could always relate to the most.

In case it’s been a few years since your 6th grade Greek mythology unit, Sisyphus was the guy who was condemned to an eternity of pushing a huge boulder up a hill, that would always roll back down every time he got it close to the top.

I think we’ve all had to deal with this sort of frustrating, seemingly futile task at some point or another in our lives. Like trying to keep dandelions out of your yard. Or trying to keep your dog from getting mats in their hair.

But I think the reason why the story of Sisyphus always stuck with me, is because that’s how practicing often felt.

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