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The Clarinet reviews ‘Homage And Inspiration’

Iris Trio’s ability to blend superior technique with sensitive musicality comes to the forefront, as flawless intonation, resonant tone, and perfect balance brings these works to life. Iris trio presents a compilation that beckons listeners to stay for a while and ask for more.”

Michelle Kiec

The Clarinet (international)

Iris Trio skillfully pairs classics and contemporary music in their album Homage and Inspiration. Comprised of clarinetist Christine Carter, violist Molly Carr, and pianist Anna Petrov, Iris Trio debuted in 2013 in concert at the German Consulate in New York City; a multi-country concert tour and collaboration with Christof Weiß furnished inspiration and impetus for this album. Liner notes in English and German provide descriptive program notes, detailed performer bios and insight into the creative process.

Talented soloists in their own right, the interplay and musical collaboration of Iris Trio shine brightly. Lines weave into unified constructs that highlight timbral nuances. Seamless melodies combine with impeccably balanced tutti passages. Intense musicality reigns throughout, with luminous depth of resonant tone in all registers. Dynamics empower without shocking the senses. Simply, this disc
by Iris Trio is immaculate in its musical and technical presentation, bringing forth depths of sound palettes for the listener’s delight. [ … ]

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