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Stingray Music Channel features Christine Carter and Duo Concertante

Christine and Duo Concertante have been included on this year’s 100% East Coast. Canadian Style Stingray Music channel.

100% East Coast. Canadian Style channel, presented by ECMA in partnership with Stingray, celebrates talents from Canada’s Atlantic region. The channel features 150 tracks from a wide range of East Coast artists such as Neon Dreams, Eastern Owl, Sirène et Matelot, Jimmy Rankin, Sam Wilson, Motherhood, Jenn Grant, Thomas Stajcer, Les Hay Babies, Jody Upshaw, Zaum, and Natalie MacMaster.

Part of the channel was curated by compiling the top 100 tracks in over 20 genres, based on scores from the ECMA’s 2020 awards submissions process. The remaining 50 tracks were provided by ECMA’s regional music industry partners. Some of the selections on the channel also include legacy acts as an acknowledgement to their important contribution to the East Coast music community.

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