MozartLabor Documentary Released

Christine is featured alongside her trio collaborators, Molly Carr (viola) and Anna Petrova (piano), in a documentary exploring the MozartLabor in Würzburg.  Here the trio prepares the world premiere performance of “Gespräch unter Freunden” by composer, Christof Weiss.  The premiere took place at the Würzburg Palace on June 4 2014, during the annual Mozartfest.

25:24 In rehearsal
43:20 Beginning of world premiere
47:20 Following the concert with composers, Christof Weiss and Jörg Widmann


Performances in New York March 16th and 17th 2014

Join Christine Carter, violist Molly Carr, and pianist Anna Petrova for two upcoming performances at Klavierhaus and the Opera America Center.

Music will include Mozart’s Trio for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano in E flat major (“Kegelstatt,” K. 498), the Eight Pieces for Clarinet, Viola, and Piano by Max Bruch (Op. 83), and the Partita No. 5 in G major for solo keyboard by Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV 829).

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Article featured on the Bulletproof Musician Blog

Making the most of your hours in the practice room: One simple change that could drastically increase your productivity

by Dr. Christine Carter

When it comes to practicing, we often think in terms of time: How many hours are necessary to achieve optimal progress? While this is a valid concern, a more important question is how we can make each hour count. What is the most efficient way to work so that what is practiced today actually sticks tomorrow? There is nothing more frustrating than spending a day hard at work only to return the next day at the starting line. Unfortunately, our current practice model is setting us up for this daily disappointment.

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Dr. Christine Carter is interested in how musicians can be more effective on stage and in the practice room. She has conducted research at a number of brain imaging and music psychology labs and is currently a visiting scholar at Western University’s Brain and Mind Institute.

Christine is also an active clarinetist. Performances have taken her around the globe, including venues as diverse as Carnegie Hall, the ancient cloisters in Avignon France, the Sydney Opera House, the Heritage Theatre in rural Newfoundland, and a Baroque Palace in Germany. She completed her Doctor of Musical Arts at Manhattan School of Music, where she taught the Woodwind Lab for 4 years.